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You need to book at least 3 days for istanbul. We designed a trip that included 1st day completely oldcity, Taksim district and lastly 3rd day istanbul islands. We would like to thank our tour guide Ender Bey during this trip. During the trip we made in istanbul oldcity and Sultanahmet, there was another excitement and movement within the man. In fact, Istanbul had a large number of legends. Tulip and rose flowers cappadocia tours have very nice garden designs. Next to it is the Gülhane Park. Even the old tranway from oldcity is very nice. You can easily reach here from all corners of Istanbul. So much so that the individual living in the opposite Uskadar reaches here with Marmaraya for 5 minutes here. Istanbul istanbul’s favorite place is istanbul
The blue mosque is quite elegant, although it is quite large, and you understand that you are entering into a separate
Refreshing. The larger the Suleymaniye mosque, the darker the interior and the darker it is.
Istanbul Blue mosque is very crowded especially on Friday and bayram prayers and people are praying outside. The blue mosque is made of wide marble and comes in a single piece of marble. And on the inside, 4 large marble columns. In the very small amount of blue and green, which made it very elegant, red ornaments were made. Topkapi palace and Turkish daily istanbul tours islamic museum. There are 6 very thin long and over 2 honors. Sedefkar Mehmet Efendi, the architect of course, was built in such a short period of time as 8 years after the great work. As its name implies, it was made by Sultan Ahmed. Suleymaniye mosque is the master of the architect Sedefkar Mehmet efendi and the Ottoman Empire’s greatest growth was made by Mimar Sinan. It was built by Magnificent Sultan Suleyman. Suleymaniye is located in the wonderful Golden Horn and Bosphorus and sea view.

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